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Walnut Fudge Truffles

I can’t believe I’ve started a blog, but I did. So, let’s get this thing going.

Today I’m sharing a treat that any valentine will love. I never have had a name for them, but I guess I should make one up for this. Walnut Fudge Truffles, ok let’s go with it. They are very easy to make, but boy the result looks like and tastes like you slaved to make them.

Only three ingredients, but the one needed piece of equipment is a non-stick skillet. A silicone spatula will also help. Now that we have our equipment together let’s get cooking.

First chop one cup of walnuts, and add them to the pan, toast over medium heat for a minute. Turn the heat to medium low. Add the can of sweetened condensed milk to the walnuts. Stir continually until the mixture begins to thicken. Transfer to a bowl and let cool, until it is just warm enough to roll into balls.

I use a 1 ounce scoop to portion out the walnut mixture, into small balls. You can use a teaspoon if you don’t have scoop. Roll them with your hands, if they stick, wet your hands with a little water. Place them on a plate covered with parchment paper, to set and cool completely.

While the balls are cooling melt the chocolate chips. You can either melt them in a double boiler or use a microwave. Coat the balls in chocolate using a fork to make sure they are completely covered. Place them back on the parchment lined plate, sprinkle with a small amount of finely chopped walnuts.

When the Walnut Fudge Balls are firm, they are ready to be packaged and given to your valentine. I like putting them in a small box with paper liners, paper shred or tissue paper and tie it with a big red bow. They will be begging you to make them every year. 

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  1. Oh girl I’m salivating just looking at them! What a great venue you have started here! I’m excited to follow!

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